Kevin Bacon Schools Millennials on the 80’s

In this entertaining video for Mashable, Kevin Bacon takes a stab at the technology driven millennial generation by telling them that they have no clue what life was like before the 80’s and should take the time to actually learn about it. Throughout the funny two minute video, he slams into the millennial generation about relying too much on mobile technology and google for information gathering, discussing how in the 80’s you had to use the “white pages” to find a phone number, suggesting they even “google” what the white pages are.

Ok, Yes, to a certain degree Kevin Bacon might have a  point to some of what he is saying, however, are videos like this only perpetuating this negative thought process and stereotyping of millennials as “out of touch” simply because they are digital natives growing up in a different environment and time period? These young, innovative individuals are changing the way the world works through the very technologies we complain they rely on too much. This video is further showcasing the huge gap we see in understanding and communicating across a variety of generations. Instead of embracing each other and working collaboratively, we continue to point the finger at the “out of touch” generation because we don’t try to understand how they really think and feel.  It seems that every generation forgets the trials and tribulations that their own generations went through and all to easily pass judgment on each other instead of working to change that attitude.

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