Have you ever bought anything from a sales person who had fear in their eyes? My guess is no, and you wouldn’t. Fear creates uncertainty, and uncertainty is not how buyers buy.

The buyer will disappear quickly from view if you project a feeling of fear, whether it be from your personal life or work place. Putting aside the worry of family or even fleeting thoughts of being fired if you don’t make your sales goals, will gain you the respect and control you need from your peers and to mange your sales process and win the prize.

Owners, and sales leaders need to be observant and take this under consideration before every deal and interaction with the buyer. Left ignored, the deal will unexpectedly disappear – prospects will disappear with little explanation, clients will wonder “what’s going on – we better start looking around” and peers will feed off of the negativity or band together to offer help/pity.

Our new economy will test us for a few more years. It is imperative for everyone involved in the sales process to be the bearer of hope and the positive things in our lives and business – inside the firm and outside in front of the buyer. We have all re-focused on what is important in life, like family. We have retrenched to business basics and our thoughts focus on innovation.

Be the leader of what is good – own it and live it!

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