We are excited to start work with our new client Hype Media. Hype produces visual content for some of the best sports and active lifestyle brands worldwide. Hype has grown over the last 3 years and are no ready to step into new territory. They recently hired BigFish Consulting to work with them in a series of business advisory sessions to help them re-develop their key message points and identify new revenue streams they hadn’t thought about before.

Our first consulting meeting was a great success! We got the creative juices flowing. We pushed the Hype Media team to step outside the box and whiteboard out, in their own words and short phrases, who and what they are and why a client should choose them over a competitor. We helped Hype Media develop clarifying questions designed to create trust with prospects who realize they don’t clearly understand or know the problem they may currently have. We do these sorts of exercises because we feel the elevator pitch is irrelevant. Answering a question of “what do you do?” must create curiosity and a call to action, which elevator pitches normally don’t. Through this series of “BigFish Client” blog posts, we’ll document and post updates on our work with Hype Media and their real time success stories.. Stay tuned for more!

Are you confident you know what to say and are you sure you’re saying it to the right prospect? Find out now



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