BigFish Consulting Approach: Through strategic planning meetings with Amy, BigFish Consulting was able to coach her on how to formalize her relationship with her business to build a solid structure. Additionally, BigFish Consulting helped Amy identify new revenue opportunities by educating her on how to properly strengthen her investment with her Arbonne Business. Through designated “homework” BigFish encouraged focusconfidence and accountability for implementing all of Amy’s ideas into action. Through this training, Amy was able to clearly identify her service offerings to become profitable while at the same time still fulfilling her goal in life to help others live healthy lifestyles.

Before Amy could blink, she was able to double her monthly revenue, and even pay on itself 10-fold. BigFish Consulting provided Amy with the support and education she was missing to get her business on the track to great growth and success. Continued maintenance calls and check-ins with BigFish Consulting keep Amy on point to continue to grow and develop as a business owner.

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