BigFish Solution: Chris and the BigFish Crew were and still are instrumental to the growth of Hype-Media as a digital 0613a23storytelling studio. Not only does BigFish bring the kind of expertise needed to grow revenue, but more importantly, to realize and fulfill their core vision for their company and team. In the world of advertising, things move fast and so does the BigFish team. Given the nature of  Hype-Media’s client work with large brands, they need flexibility in their everyday schedules to ‘work on’ the business and not just ‘in’ the business. BigFish is always ready to hit it the ground running when the team has time to dig deep between media campaigns. Let’s face it, the game has changed for many industries, especially the advertising and media business. This translates to the need for identifying new opportunities and solutions on the fly. Chris has become a trusted partner who is there to help grow the Hype-Media brand by always asking the hard question of  “what’s next?”.

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