Our team helps a variety of clients everyday achieve their business goals so they can create their own success stories. From small start up’s to large multi-national firms, we’ve assisted company’s of all sizes develop opportunities and achieve the successful results they want. The following success story is about  an innovative entrepreneur and his small start up, Cowboy Code.

Cowboy Code is an innovative hygiene company that produces a special talc-free all-natural powder formulated with soothing essential oils. Their differentiator in this competitive market is the powder itself AND the easy-to use powder bag. Creating less mess than ordinary powders, Cowboy Code is there when you need to freshen up on-the-go, alleviating skin irritations anywhere and anytime.

Our team was brought onboard to help cultivate their products message and to develop the right market penetration strategy. With the right coaching from BigFish, Cowboy Code was able to formalize their relationship with their business leading to increased revenue and market exposure. A large contract opportunity with a national retailer followed and as a direct result Cowboy Code was selected for an chance to showcase their signature product on the hit TV show Shark Tank.

Given only a few days to turn around a solid pitch, BigFish Consulting was brought on board to help refine the company’s message and presentation. Our internal team provided an immense amount of prep and coaching to help Cowboy Code develop the right strategy and sales pitch to present to Shark Tank’s high level panel of judges.

BigFish Consulting still plays a supporting role to Cowboy Codes strategy, sales efforts and new revenue opportunities.

Are you ready to create your company’s success story? Contact us today to learn how BigFish Consulting can help you formalize your relationship with your business and win more often.

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