As we close in on the end of the 2014 business year, we all begin to reflect on the past and shift focus on the new for 2015. Reflecting back on the last year here at BigFish Consulting, we talked quite a bit about what needs to get done by Baby Boomers, Young Professionals and collab’prenuers if we want to see the next robust economy emerge. We gave you our thoughts on what we felt business was looking like in 2014, the trends and how those trends were directly effecting the future of business moving forward to 2015, and beyond.

We introduced new thoughts and concepts around what we believe needs to happen with Baby Boomers and Young Professionals. We discussed in detail how we believe selling is dead and introduced the “help buyers buy” strategy, a prime fit for Young Professionals. Discovery also included how training and coaching Young Professionals in an external, social space and “collaborative work-environment” was important, unlike the traditional corporate “hangover trainings” of Baby Boomer past.

Over the last year BigFish Consulting has had the opportunity to work with collab’prenuers at the “tip of the arrow”, introducing many of them to the SDR™ mindset of business development. Business development today is all about less dependency on social media to sell and more about human interaction – what to say, who to say it to and most importantly, when to say it. All entrepreneurs and C-suite executives who learned the SDR™ mindset got it quickly and executed the behavior swiftly, helping them win and win more often!

What business trends do we expect to see in the new year?

We believe that business in 2015 will be a fast version of business in 2014. The “selling is dead strategy will continue to become ever more evident in our new economy. Technology and innovation has exponentially accelerated how buyers buy now days, meaning buyers and consumers are every bit more educated about the product or service they plan to purchase, eliminating the need to be “sold”. Helping buyers buy is the new norm of selling in today’s collaborative and innovative social sharing economy. Business in 2015 will be all about the collaborative entrepreneurs.

Another BigFish Consulting concept that resonated with great curiosity in late 2014, and sure to carry into 2015, is the promotion of strategies that get the Baby Boomers and Young Professionals to re-engage as “family business units”. Parents and business professionals will begin to collaborate with their kids who are the future leaders of our workforce and country. “Formalizing the family business relationship” will create innovation, opportunity, and credit worthy collab’prenuers (young professionals, millennials, however you want to call them) in addition to passing along business acumen through mentorship to the Young Professionals who so yearn to learn.

Make 2015 the year of change for you and your business because change creates opportunity. Get verbal with your business network colleagues and get to work on, instead of in your business. Create a written 2015 business plan that formalizes your relationship with your business. Or, at a minimum, a plan that identifies target suspects you think you may want as new clients in 2015……oh and let us know if you need help with that!

Happy Holidays!!

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