Becoming an expert at qualifying a true target opportunity within the target market you are pursuing can sometimes be a daunting task. It’s where the bumps and bruises reside, competitors await ready to pounce on your opportunity. You must have the ability to differentiate your company’s message within seconds and during those split second moments is when great business minds shine, often winning in this part of the sales process. But, why is that you might ask? and the reason is simple, because they already have a crystal clear understanding of the strategic, operational and financial aspect pertaining to their company and why they’re contract should be selected. They know how to clearly articulate their message, as a business owner, to the buyer. SDR™ is all about setting and aiming at the right targets.

Additionally, SDR™ promotes building powerful relationships and leveraging them by becoming a “Trusted Business Advisor” to people you barely know. Those who follow this rule of thumb are ahead of the prospect, ahead of their competition and can express without doubt why they are the best solution. By resolving business issues unrelated to what you are selling, allows you to become a partner to the prospect on things unrelated to what they are buying from you.

The sales process is dynamic, never the same, always fraught with unexpected external pressures. What is controllable is momentum – the ability to “get on a roll” and be ahead of things. But what and or who controls that? The answer is simple. You and only you! Momentum can be the most powerful driver of the sales process and its participants. It can begin to gather surrounding resources that create additional and upcoming opportunity for your current deal, and future deals.

Learn more about SDR™ and how BigFish Consulting can help you identify the right targets and build the best relationships, ensuring you win more often.

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