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Shortest Distance to Revenue™ (SDR™) is a strategic tool for business development and financial forecasting that works in today’s collaborative economy. Using this simple, fast and effective method of behavior we teach you how to manage the time you spend on new revenue opportunities by clearly identifying which suspects and prospects to pursue and when to pursue them.

The last thing you ever want to do is impose hope in your prospect list. Contact us to learn more about SDR™ and how we can help you achieve your target business development and revenue goals.

120 Days Out

Suspect: Who are you and why are you talking to me?
BigFish Consulting Team:  Made contact with target suspect.

90 Days Out

Suspect: That sounds interesting, tell me more.
BigFish Consulting Team: Open dialogue and hunt for solutions. Become a problem solver.

60 Days Out

Suspect: You’ve brought me what I’ve asked for.
BigFish Consulting Team: Have we thought of everything and how do we exceed their expectations?

30 Days Out

Prospect: Signature ready, documents please.
BigFish Consulting Team: Congratulations, now the work starts!

Please note, this SDR™ model is based off a 120 day sales cycle. Most sales cycle vary per industry.

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