The Trusted Business Advisor: How you can become your own business “Hub” for exceptional client delivery.

The importance of business networking and staying connected has not diminished over time. It still remains a critical tool to exceptional business development efforts. Whether it is during the work day or at the B.L.D’s (breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings), the seller must be certain that the building blocks of the “networking strategy” stay true to their preset plan. Otherwise, when it comes to business development efforts, the seller has the potential of spending the wrong amount of time in the wrong places, thus wasting valuable efforts and resources.

Being “connected” and calling yourself a “connector” is critical to being a Trusted Business Advisor to your clients. We call it being a business hub with the connections you have established becoming the spokes of a wheel. A connector is a person, while a “hub” is the sum of all the connections that you have as a connector. All those points working together to support you, the trusted business advisor’s long-term strategy. The Trusted Business Advisor is not simply connected, but a hub of their business efforts and an expert to their buyers and/or clients.

For example: Looking for a new CPA, attorney, someone tried and proven? Here ya go! Seeking VC funding or a new reliable staff person? Effortlessly get the word out to the network that you are in search for something or someone, and done! A steady flow of information to the buyer regarding issues impacting their industry, specific business topics and community engagement opportunities is critical to be regarded and remain engaged as an expert. Where on the surface this may seem a distraction from your primary service and or product offering, in the long run being a critical solutions provider elevates you to a higher respect level than your competitors just selling there wares. It’s what takes a professional reputation from good to a problem solving expert in your field.

It’s easy as a seller to provide a transactional service, be quick to respond with consistent service, etc. But by becoming a “Trusted Business Advisor” type seller to your customer or client, means you have taken the time to educate yourself and develop a masterful understanding of your buyer’s needs. You have created a long term engagement with continuous discovery, helping them create innovative tools to better their business.

Some call this partnering, we call it being a business “Hub”, and it’s rewarding. I have said many times, the greatest Business Development people I know are the best business minds, always ahead of the client in the Strategic, Operational and Financial aspects of their business. That’s when you as the seller has transitioned into a Trusted Business Advisor, becoming less of a connector and more of business hub than ever before.

Our trademarked concept, Shortest Distance to Revenue™ (SDR™), educates the seller on how to be a Trusted Business Advisor through a process called “Connective Relevance”. It simply defines the Trusted Business Advisor, or the BigFish trained seller, as becoming the business problem-solver. We understand that in today’s business environment possessing a professional business network which circles your offering is critical to helping you rise above the competition. An immediate referral to the right industry professional or connective resource is every buyers dream. The opportunity gets a running start for your buyer and so you become not just someone selling a product or service to them, but a partner and Trusted Business Advisor.

With information mobile, ever new technologies driving the speeding train of information and innovation, you as the seller must become the lightning rod for buyers wanting to keep pace. In addition to the self-branded, network building, collab’prenuer (Collaborative Entrepreneur) mindset, the seller needs a strong strategy that’s pliable enough to stay ahead, anticipating the buyers needs and real time call-to-action.

By keeping ahead of the buyer you as the seller are forced to be more knowledgeable and diligent about the buyer’s business. Just establishing the preferred method of communicating to each other is now a point of discussion. Do we text, not text, voicemail (is dead). All decisions worthy of establishing the ground rules early in a relationship.

Staying a relevant force the Trusted Business Advisor never rests. The Trusted Business Advisor always stays engaged, curious and adventurous.

So ask yourself this question, do you want to be someone who just sells a product/service or do you want to elevate yourself to become a Trusted Business Advisor to your clients? If so, contact us because there’s more to know!

About the Author: Chris Coughlan, Jr. is the Founder and CEO of BigFish Consulting. Chris’ launch of BigFish Consulting was perfectly timed with the “new collaborative economy” that emerged from the unfortunate financial crisis of 2008. The firm was created to fill an essential need Chris saw in companies of all sizes. Chris educates business owners, executives and sales teams on how to achieve their strategic revenue objectives through his concept Shortest Distance to Revenue™ and the idea of using “Real Prospects” as training tools.

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