How to Achieve the SDR™ Mindset Series

What is Shortest Distance to Revenue?

Shortest Distance to Revenue™ (SDR™) is a business and financial forecasting tool for managing time, expectations and ROI in the sales process. It’s a mindset, a behavior, a way of looking at any opportunity as an opportunity. It’s being honest to yourself and realizing that not all opportunities are equal. SDR forces a way of proactive thinking and control by promoting the ease in buying, increasing your chance to win, and win more often.

There are two, what I call, “compelling moments” in a sales effort. These compelling moments are relevant and critical to get right the first time around. They are also a test of your core values and ability to be honest to yourself. They are the only two human conditioned judgement calls in the sales effort. What are these two compelling moments? 1) When a suspect becomes a prospect and 2) the moment the buyer actually buys, or must be told they’ll need to buy from someone else because they can’t or won’t decide.

For the sake of keeping this blog brief, it will be assumed all other aspects of an honest sales process are being performed. Prompt courteous behavior with the prospective buyer, differentiation, creative solutions and prompt follow-up with a strong follow-through to ensure the buyer buys (remember, all revenue is in the follow-up). Everything else along the sales cycle IS the art of the deal. It is where experience and a little luck resides.

Inclusive to SDR are suspects, prospects and clients.We mentioned them above as well. I’m sure you’re looking at that and saying to yourself what is a suspect? Well, Stay tuned for our next blog post in this series to learn what a “suspect” is vs. what a “prospect” is and how to identify them in the sales cycle.

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