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Teaching Entrepreneurs Innovative Business Strategies For Today’s Collaborative Economy.

BigFish Consulting, LLC is a Southern California firm that provides business development and revenue growth solutions for companies of all sizes. We teach entrepreneurs the innovative business strategies and best-practices they need to know so they can succeed in today’s collaborative economy. Partnering directly with business owners and executives, we give them the “know-how” and teach them how to use the right tools in order to define authentic opportunities, formulate business development clarity, and penetrate new markets.

We operate at the highest level of character – period. Truth and honesty are core values at BigFish Consulting and we communicate that directly to all our clients. We believe that an honest strategic foundation on every project successfully crafts the ultimate result – Success.

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Chris Coughlan, Jr.

Chris Coughlan, Jr.


BigFish Consulting was founded by Chris Coughlan in 2008. After 20 years of high level business development experience and sales training, Chris envisioned a client centric business designed to partner with companies looking for revenue growth and evolving business development strategies.

Fast forward to current day, Chris is the revenue accelerator of choice. He has developed and defined a new version of the concept called the “Collaborative Economy”. Chris uses this concept to help educate business owners, executives and sales teams on how to achieve strategic revenue objectives in today’s accelerative and collaborative business environment.

Bigfish Consulting partners with “collab’preneurs” and small businesses to develop and execute new revenue growth strategies. This unique method of using our clients’ real prospects as training tools is not only a differentiator to other coaching companies, but it creates a custom, repeatable deliverable for the client to use on their own post coaching engagement. Additionally, our trademarked “Shortest Distance to Revenue” strategy is executed along side to provide proven, repeatable success. Bigfish Consulting integrates within each of our client’s businesses as a team member to produce results, achieve success in turn creating – more wins, more often.

Chris isn’t just business, he’s about fun too! Chris and his wife of 30+ years, Stacey, are always on the go! They are avid about getting outside in nature to enjoy outdoor activities that include skiing, golfing, and shooting sports. They also spend as much time as they can playing outdoors with their family labradors, aka the kids! Chris and BigFish Consulting are proud longtime stewards of the environment. They are committed to making a positive impact within the local community, they donate significant amounts of time and resources to the creation of safe places where youth and families can be happy and healthy together.

BigFish Consulting is a wealth of information when it comes to messaging and approaching sales strategies. They have been instrumental to us on multiple new client acquisitions. They helped us develop our oral presentation strategy so that it was direct and succinct leaving the buyer wanting more.

Sallie Giblin, SVP-Lockton | Benefits Broker

BigFish Consulting has been a valuable asset within the construction industry. They understand the valuable role that relationships play in securing new business, as well as suggesting outside opportunities for personal growth and development.

Allison Beall, Director of Business Development | Pacific Building Group

The BigFish Consulting team is smart, intuitive, and strategic. Their exceptional integrity and commitment to excellence shines through in everything they do. The best part about working with BigFish Consulting is their honesty, if they're not the right fit for you, they will tell you who is and make your success the priority.

Angela Hill, CEO | Incitrio

BigFish Consulting became my business growth game changer! From day one Chris showed a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and interest in making sure my business was successful! The wealth of knowledge Chris possesses when it comes to coaching businesses on how to generate new revenue is unmatched. Chris shows genuine care and enthusiasm for educating his clients and provides them with the tools to take their business to the next level.

Amy Martinez, Owner | Roots Fitness